The Disk expose of the MP’s expenses (award winner)
Hanna Kainulainen (Visual Identity, Design, Animation, filming), Abby Rose (wireframe, Design), Programming: Telegraph New Formats, Beatriz Sa (filming)
The Disk was a celebration of the groundbreaking investigative journalism from the Telegraph that un-earthed a massive scandal in the UK about the MPs expensing things out of tax payers money such as a duck house and artificial pond for a summer house, or paying full salaries to their children.
The Disk itself, originally, was a simple red hard drive. From there, the journalists started going through the material on the hard drive and discovered what became the expenses scandal. The visual language of this project mirrors that process of opening and taking apart the information on the hard drive, by physically decomposing a hard drive.


Research and Development

The process started as a simple logo investigation which then snowballed into creating the whole visual identity as well as material for other teams to use for online, print and marketing material. 

Additional to the material for The Disk in print and online, the project also included the podcast called Expenses.

The journalists in 2009 were decomposing the information on the hard drive, so I decided to mirror that in the visual identity and physically decompose a hard drive. 

Early iterations of the logo

Some initial testing included creating this animation of the early stages of the logo. 

In order to create a newspaper feel for the online material, we printed all imagery and visual material on newsprint. And then photographed it again in order to get the right look and feel. 

Every single texture and shape used for the project was created in house. The photography was taken by a team member one day.  

The process for the disk ended up being an interesting mix of traditional methods and media mixed with digital methods. The mix of the two worlds gave it the perfect look and feel to represent the Telegraph.